31 Days of Lipstick PART 2 >> 11-20

I'm smack in the middle of 31 Days of Lipstick which means we're either in the too-sweet white paste of the oreo, or we have become the neglected middle child in a family of over achievers and shit heads. A couple of wins, a couple of flops, and some tried and true favorites:
  1. NYX – Bloody Mary (Matte Lipstick)

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    What's Up:  I'm a fan of the NYX Matte Lipsticks because: a) they're cheap  b) they have decent staying power without being too drying -and- c) they come in all the coolest colors. Bloody Mary was no exception. It is a bright pink that isn't gonna punch you in the face even if I might. (Sidenote: You know how everyone is telling you that you have to throw out lipstick after a year or so? Well they're right, but you can probably stretch it a little longer as long as it doesn't have a weird scent or funk layer. I've had this tube for about 2 years, and I've noticed the pigment is starting to separate, but it isn't terribly noticeable.)
    NYX Bloody Mary Swatch // Crappy Candle  NYX Bloody Mary Wear Swatch // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Bloody Mary Swatch // 2nd pic: Bloody Mary Swatch after I punch all y'all in the face.
  2. Clinique – Black Honey (Almost Lipstick)

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    What's Up:  OK, remember how in the last post I said Rum Raisin was the quintessential 90's lipstick? Well Black Honey is the quintessential 90's tinted balm. The color is a very sheer brownish red that looks a bit like a cherry stain. Trรจs chic. Muy bueno. (Sidenote: Although it will never be opaque, the color does build. I basically swipe and swipe until I can'ts no more.)
    Clinique Black Honey Swatch // Crappy Candle  Clinique Black Honey Swatch (in 1, 3, 5, 10 Layers)  // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Black Honey Swatch // 2nd pic: Black Honey in 1 layer, 3 layers, 5 layers, 10 layers
  3. Sephora Collection – Blackberry Sorbet (Cream Lip Stain)

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    What's Up:  "Cream Lip Stain" is a bit of a misnomer. The product (in this shade at least) does not stain -- it is an ultra matte lip cream. Blackberry Sorbet does not go on completely opaque in the first swipe, but it doesn't look bad like that either. (Sidenote: Matte lip creams like this (NYX & Lime Crime are known for 'em) are beloved not only because of their super matte finish, but also for being long lasting—even through meals. I tested Blackberry Sorbet by eating a sandwich and it didn't stay on as well as I had hoped.*)
    Sephora Blackberry Sorbet Cream Lip Stain Swatch // Crappy Candle  Sephora Blackberry Sorbet Cream Lip Stain Wear // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Blackberry Sorbet Swatch // 2nd pic: I ate everything that is no longer on my mouth.
  4. Pop Beauty – Cozy Crimson (Matte Velvet Lipstix)

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    What's Up:  I got this in a Birchbox and loved it from first application. The color is a flattering pinkish red, the finish is semi-matte, it is moisturizing, and it smells like coconut. It feels plush which I know sounds like nonsense but it does. (Sidenote: The color is so close to the Mally lip pencil I tried on day 5 that I decided to try it under this lipstick. It made the color a bit darker, but woo the staying power. It lasted through a chili dog and about 7 hours of wear and still looked good.)
    Pop Beauty Cozy Crimson Swatch // Crappy Candle  Pop Beauty Cozy Crimson w/ Red Liner + Wear // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Cozy Crimson Swatch // 2nd Pic (top): Cozy Crimson + Mally Warm Red Lip Pencil / (bottom): after 5 hours wear
  5. Manna Kadar – FFF Lucky (Lip Locked Stain)

    Mood:  Let me know if I'm drooling on myself.
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    What's Up:  Meh. Meeehhhfff. I'm not particularly keen on glosses because they make me look even greasier than usual, plus if they're the tacky kind (like this one) I'll go through the day thinking that if I close my mouth, I'll blow mucous bubble. The pigment settled into the cracks of my lips and the color was as flattering as a bandaid. (Sidenote: Once it was on for awhile and some of the product rubbed off, it looked less awful. Extra Sidenote: You'd think because this is so goopy that you wouldn't have to apply a lip exfoliant first, but you absolutely do -- otherwise the bandaid color will settle into your lip flakes too.)
    Manna Kadar – FFF Lucky (Lip Locked Stain) Swatch // Crappy Candle 
    1st pic: Lucky Swatch // 2st pic mmeppph
  6. Nars – Fire Down Below (Semi Matte Lipstick)

    Mood: This color is epic.
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    What's Up:  Fire Down Below was formulated to be flattering for a range of skin tones because it is the color of human blood. It's so goth and so scientifically logical that it's lighting 90% of my brain. (Sidenote: Fire Down Below can be a bit drying, so I always exfoliate then put a thin layer of balm on prior to applying. I tried it with a thicker layer of balm (this one), and the wash of color was just so pretty.)
    Nars – Fire Down Below Swatch // Crappy Candle  Nars – Fire Down Below + Balm // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Fire Down Below Swatch // 2nd pic: Fire Down Below + balm
  7. Revlon – Crush (Balm Stain)

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    What's Up:  I did a Balm Stain on Day 10 and the same application rules work here – use the side of the pencil, and blend from the middle out (don't line). Crush is darker and more muted than Smitten. It also doesn't stain lips as well, but it's a nice every-day type color. (Sidenote: Crush also has a teeny bit of shimmer in it – so little that you can hardly tell it's there.)
    Revlon – Crush (Balm Stain) Swatch // Crappy Candle  Revlon Balm Stain Crush Swatch // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Crush Swatch // 2nd pic: Crush has shimmer I promise.
  8. Skinn Cosmetics – Ruby (Caviar Lip Cream)

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    What's Up:  This is an Allure box item, and it's truly lovely. Ruby is a "candy apple" cool toned red with pigment that builds to opaque. It is very moisturizing, not too shiny, and has decent staying power when worn with liner underneath. AND it's not gooey. (Sidenote: A bummer I noticed when I first tried Ruby is that it does feather. This time, I wore a clear lip liner all over (this one), then over-lined my lips with the same pencil. It helped some, but it wasn't perfect.
    Skinn Cosmetics – Ruby (Caviar Lip Cream) Swatch // Crappy Candle  Skinn Cosmetics – Ruby (Caviar Lip Cream) Wear // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Ruby Swatch // 2nd pic: Ruby after several hours of wear.
  9. ModelCo - Lip Enhancer (Illusion Lip Liner)

    Mood:  Nude lip products always remind me that the mouth is a sphincter.
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    What's Up:  I thought I would hate this liner, but it kinda grew on me. The color is beige-y greige-y with warm undertones (think more orange than pink) and looked kinda okay by itself, no? (Sidenote:  I tried it with some Baby Lips on top, and it made the color a little rosier. I suspect this stuff will make a good univeral lip liner as well.)
    ModelCo - Lip Enhancer (Illusion Lip Liner) Swatch // Crappy Candle  ModelCo - Lip Enhancer (Illusion Lip Liner) w/Baby Lips // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: ModelCo Lip Enhancer Swatch // 2nd pic: ModelCo with Cherry Baby Lips
  10. Colourpop – Taurus (Lippie Stix)

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    What's Up:  I had wanted a warm-toned brown lipstick for awhile, and Taurus was the exact shade I was looking for. It does have a matte finish so it can be a bit drying. I recommend applying balm first. (Sidenote:  If you're not familiar, here's the deal -- Colorpop is an indie brand that happens to be cheaaap. Like NYX cheap, and with a similar range of super hip colors. You have to buy them online, but they run specials periodically.)
    Colourpop – Taurus (Lippie Stix) Swatch // Crappy Candle  Colourpop – Taurus (Lippie Stix) Wear // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Taurus Swatch // 2nd pic: Taurus after a few hours of wear and a beverage.
I'm in the final stretch of Lipstick Month, and I'm really pumped about the products in these final 11 days (TWO Mac lipsticks, a new Lip Tar, multiple funky/not-traditional colors and a total of SEVEN products that I've never tried before). If you are Instagram inclined, you can follow along with me. I'm using the hashtag #crapstick31.

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The other time I wore the Sephora (matte) Lip Stain, I put a few coats on, then applied more when my lips felt excessively dry. This was a bad idea because it chunked off everywhere within a few hours of first application. I looked like an unkempt witch.

This is how to apply matte lip cream and not have it flake all to hell: 1) exfoliate (I use this) 2) Apply a good helping of balm (I used EOS) and let it sit for a sec. DONT wipe it off. 3) lip liner if you got 'em (I used this) 4) Apply a single layer of the lip cream, first to the center of the mouth, then blend that to the outer edges. 5) Let it dry for a few seconds. 6) Apply a little more to get opacity you like (don't go too thick) 7) Let it dry completely. 8) Try not to mess with your mouth too much or you will crack up. 9) Products like this do not come off if you just wipe with a tissue. Apply balm over the lip cream, then wipe that off.


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