31 Days of Lipstick PART 1 >> 1-10

I'm 32% done with 31 Days of Lipstick! I haven't passed out from the sheer exhaustion of it all! I only had one existential crisis! Here's what happened during the first 10 days!
  1. Nars – Red Square (velvet matte lip pencil)

    Mood:  ill, and by that I mean actually ill.
    A photo posted by Shay Lorseyedi (@_shay_shay_) on

    What's Up:  Red square has awesome staying power, but is a touch on the dry side. It is very bright lipstick, and very easy to apply. (Sidenote: This shade meshes well with balm: I dab balm on top for brighter color. I apply balm first, then the pencil, for a more muted color.)
    Nars – Red Square Swatch || Crappy Candle  Nars – Red Square + Balm || Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Red Square Swatch  ||  2nd pic: Applying balm first then Red Square over the balm.
  2. Lush – Santa Baby (seasonal product, natch)

    Mood:  SICK AF
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    What's Up:  Santa Baby is a lip stain that comes in a chapstick tube and smells like cola. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. (Sidenote: This is one of my favorite low-maintenance lip colors because it stains spectacularly. Once the product rubs off, the color remains.)
    Lush Santa Baby Swatch || Crappy Candle  Lush Santa Baby Stain || Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Santa Baby swatch  ||  2nd pic: Santa Baby stain (after the product rubbed off)
  3. NYX – Aria (Matte Lipstick)

    Mood: Phenylephrine got me like
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    What's Up:  Aria is Matte, but has some subtle shimmer to it. The consistency is not on par with other NYX Mattes, but the color is very pretty. (Sidenote: Aria is another stainer. I prefer the stain to the actual lipstick.)
    NYX Aria Swatch || Crappy Candle  NYX Aria Lipstick Stain || Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Aria swatch  ||  2nd pic: Stain left after Aria rubbed off.
  4. OCC Lip Tar – Femme

    Mood:  I found out who my father is and it got me like
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    What's Up:  The excitement of seeing a lip tar in my Birchbox was quickly replaced by horror. This is the worst color. The only good part is that it made me feel like Jennifer Coolidge. (Sidenote: Want to try using a lip brush, but don't want to spend a lot on it? Go to an art store and get a small "filbert" paintbrush. It's basically the same thing. I got mine for $1.50.)
    OCC Lip Tar Femme Swatch || Crappy Candle  Black Eye Makeup / Nars Fire Down Below || Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Femme swatch  ||  2nd pic: Black eye makeup = matte bronzer + black eyeshadow + Nars Fire Down Below
  5. Mally – Warm Red (Lip Pencil)

    Mood:  Seriously, how do people take selfies all the time. This shit is exhausting.*
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    What's Up:  So this is a lip liner that I got in my Allure box. The instructions said it could be worn as a lipstick, which is what I did. It's so so pigmented and not nearly as drying as I expected. (Sidenote:  The staying power of this stuff was impressive. It's the most long-lasting I've tried so far.)
    Mally Warm Red Lip Pencil Swatch || Crappy Candle  Mally Warm Red Lip Pencil Wear || Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Warm Red swatch  ||  2nd pic: Warm Red after several hours wear (and a meal).
  6. Revlon – Rum Raisin

    Mood:  Shaking these zipper blues
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    What's Up:  Rum Raisin is the quintessential shades of the 90s. It is a muted, medium warm brown with a satin finish and decent staying power. It will also make you a supermodel.

    (Sidenote: Oh what 90s. YES. On this day, the 6th of May, I wore a floor length flannel dress, nostalgic lapel pins, and a circa '93 willis pursewhy am i not gen x)
    Rum Raisin Swatch || Crappy Candle  Revlon Rum Raisin Wear Swatch || Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Rum Raisin swatch with Leo assist  ||  2nd pic: Rum Raisin after several hours wear.
  7. Nars – Train Bleu (velvet matte lip pencil)

    Mood:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    What's Up:  I've worn Train Bleu a handful of times, and every time it has proven to be a high maintenance affair. The color is lush, and it does have decent staying power, but if you're a perfectionist, you will find yourself touching it up frequently just to keep the pigment even. (Sidenote: Train Bleu did not withstand the burrito test, which is something I just made up.)
    Nars Train Bleu Swatch || Crappy Candle  Nars Train Bleu Wear Swatch || Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Train Bleu swatch  ||  2nd pic: Train Bleu burrito swatch
  8. NYX – Wrath (Wicked Lippie)

    Mood:  in looove
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    What's Up: All the Wicked Lippies shades are metallic, so I was expecting full-on robot mouth when I tried Wrath. It was much more wearable though! The formula isn't very long lasting, but it is moisturizing. It goes on opaque and very pigmented, but wipes off very easily. I suspect it would be great on top of a matte color. (Sidenote: Wicked did not withstand the dog test, which is something my dog made up while taking this photo.)
    NYX Wrath Wicked Lippie Swatch || Crappy Candle  NYX Wrath Wicked Lippie Dog Swatch || Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Wrath swatch  ||  2nd pic: Wrath dog test
  9. Clinique – Matte Crimson

    Mood:  I haven't washed my hair in 4 days
    A photo posted by Shay Lorseyedi (@_shay_shay_) on

    What's Up:  This lipstick goes on smoothly and dries down to matte. It doesn't dry my lips out, but it does tend to get uneven over time. Nothing a little lip mashing won't fix. (that's pressing your mouth together, you pervs). (Sidenote: Matte Crimson partially withstood the Taco Bell test.)
    Clinique Matte Crimson Swatch || Crappy Candle  Clinique Matte Crimson Taco Bell Swatch || Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Matte Crimson swatch. I went to Taco Bell. ||  2nd: Combination Matte Crimson swatch and Taco Bell
  10. Revlon – Smitten (Balm Stain)

    Mood:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (am I allowed to use this guy again?)
    A photo posted by Shay Lorseyedi (@_shay_shay_) on

    What's Up: I have the Balm Stains in a few different shades. They are ideal for days when lipstick feels too heavy, but I want some color anyway. Smitten has decent staying power for a balm, and leaves a pink stain behind when it rubs off. All the Balm Stains have a subtle minty scent. (Sidenote: I apply by using the side of the product on the center of my mouth, then press my lips together to blend it out. I then apply it to any spots where there isn't enough color. I learned that if I line then fill (like I do other lip pencils) the balm will wear in the middle and leave a gross glossy lip line around the edges.)
    Revlon Smitten Balm Stain || Crappy Candle  Revlon Smitten Balm Stain How to || Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Smitten swatch  ||  2nd pic: How to apply the balm stains to avoid mouth ring.
At the time of posting this, I have 20 more days of lipstick left :o  If you are Instagram inclined, you can follow along with me. I'm using the hashtag #crapstick31.

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*If the thought of taking a selfie everyday makes you break out in hives, but you want to try it as a way to build self esteem, I highly recommend limiting the amount of pictures you take. I started this month taking as may selfies as needed to until I found a picture I was satisfied with. This quickly spiraled and the process ended up doing the exact opposite of what I was trying to achieve (think 100+ selfies—none of which I liked—followed by deep feelings of disgust in my narcissism, a gradual slide into a pit of worthlessness, capped with a late night existential crisis.) Limiting the selfies I took removed the pressure to be perfect, plus kept the images more authentic. Good lighting helps too. Go figure.

PS:  If anyone has a better term for "selfie" please share. It makes me feel like a turd.

PPS:  How to apply Lip Tar: 1) Exfoliate (I've been using this product for years) 2) apply a light balm/wipe away excess 3) apply universal lipliner to mitigate feathering (I bought this one specifically for this month) 4) put one drop of lip tar on a small dish or back of hand 5) use a lip brush to apply a little bit of product to the center of your mouth and blot 6) work outward 7) flaunt

OCC Lip Tar How To Supplies || Crappy Candle

OCC Lip Tar Swatch 1 || Crappy Candle

OCC Lip Tar Swatch 2 || Crappy Candle

OCC Lip Tar Swatch 3 || Crappy Candle

OCC Lip Tar Swatch 4 || Crappy Candle

OCC Lip Tar Swatch 5 || Crappy Candle

OCC Lip Tar Swatch 6 || Crappy Candle

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