31 Days of Lipstick 💄💄💄

31 Days of Lipstick | #crapstick31

I'm not a big-time makeup wearer, but I can't seem to stop myself from buying it. I've got a mountain of expensive-ass tubes of guck, and by-golly, I'm gonna use it. For each day in the month of May, I'm going to wear a different lipstick. Every day, all day, I'm going to feel pretty. Pretty when I go to Target. Pretty when I'm at the gym. Pretty when I slouch in my bed-desk, giving myself deep neck wrinkles. Pretty when my Russian hacker/stalker watches me through my laptop's webcam.

So if you can't get enough makeup swatches, or just want to see my soft lady moustache darken between bleachings, follow me on Instagram. I'll be using the hashtag #crapstick31 and post every day. I almost never put selfies on social media, so this will be intensely awkward for everyone involved. You are welcome to watch me crash and burn.

A coupla things:
  1. I only plan on using 4 sheer lipsticks. The rest are opaque and glorious.
  2. One is green, I shit you not.
  3. I've specifically purchased 7 brand new lipsticks for this thing.
  4. I also have 5 other lipsticks that I've never worn.
  5. One is light pink and awful/terrifying.
  6. What is this navel-gazing, pointless BS? You know, I thought this was a unique idea when I made it up a month ago, but apparently other people have done it. So I guess you can add "unoriginal" to your list of insults.

PS: All the products and pictures will be collected at least once on this here blog. (Part One is HERE) (oOOO Part TWO is HERE) (aahahha ha Part THREE IS HERE) (WHAT IN MEGA HELL IS THIS)

PPS: I'm refraining from calling this a "lipstick challenge" because wearing lipstick for a month is not a challenge. Not eating cheese for a month is a challenge. Giving birth for a month is a challenge. Avoiding loud political arguments with my mother during any given month in an election year is a challenge. Wearing lipstick for a month is a self-indulgent project. THAT'S WHAT BLOGGING IS, OMG.

#crapstick31 – 31 Days of Lipstick :: Crappy Candle

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