31 Days of Lipstick PART 3 >> 21-31

Hey guys. This is post 3 of 3 for 31 Days of Lipstick. During these last days, I tried out some fun new products, rediscovered old favorites, and lived my best life. I'm much better at taking a selfie without giving myself a double chin, I can slightly over-line my lips without looking like a clown, and I've confirmed that my dog and my Greg do not want to take lipstick selfies with me. So cheers to you, 3 new Instagram followers. Here's the final 11:
  1. Mac – Chili (Matte)

    Mood:  I visited SF (my former home of 4 years) and it made me cry a little.
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    What's Up:  Chili has been on my wish list ever since I got up enough nerve to start wearing red lipstick a few years back. I finally bought it for this project. Chili is matte, has a orange/brick thing going on, and is fantastic as a low-key daytime red. (Sidenote: Because the color is muted, and not too dark, Chili is a great "starter red." NYX's Alabama, while darker, is also good for this purpose.)
    Mac Chili Swatch // Crappy Candle  Mac Chili Swatch // Crappy Candle
    Chili looks very different under certain lighting conditions, varying from coral (1st swatch) to medium brick red (2nd swatch).
  2. Revlon – Romantic (Balm Stain)

    Mood:  The stretch of the 5 through Central CA is awful and it made Greg cry a little.
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    What's Up:  Romantic was the first Balm Stain I purchased, and remains one of my go-to tinted lip products. It's a lovely wash of red that goes well with a lot of different skin tones, and it wears very evenly on me. (Sidenote: I swatched the 3 Balm Stains I own: Crush, Smitten, and Romantic. Out of the 3, Romantic is the most natural color, and Smitten has the brightest stain once the product wears off.)
    Revlon Balm Stain "Romantic" Swatch // Crappy Candle  Revlon Balm Stain Swatches: Crush, Smitten, & Romantic // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Romantic Balm Stain Swatch // 2nd pic: Crush, Smitten (middle swatch), & Romantic Swatches
  3. NYX – Trickery (Wicked Lippie)

    Mood:  Criminal mischief with intent to F sum S up.
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    What's Up:  Yeah this is the green lipstick. It's olive green, which makes it a little more wearable. I think it's metal as fuck. (Sidenote: The consistency was not as smooth as Wrath, but if you're looking to test out a funky color like this, you really can't beat the price. If you layer it over a matte brown, the color will go on more evenly, but slightly less metallic.)
    NYX Trickery Swatch // Crappy Candle  NYX Trickery over ColourPop Taurus Swatch // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: NYX Trickery Swatch // 2nd pic: ColourPop Taurus w/Trickery on top
  4. Pixi by Petra – Rose Naturelle (Mattelustre Lipstick)

    Mood:  Lookit how smol dis is.
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    What's Up:  I expected Rose Naturelle would go on darker. It ended up looking like a very lightly pigmented balm on me. (Sidenote:  Layered over nude liner (I used this) makes this lipstick more neutral; layered over a red stain (I used this) punches the color up a bit. Extra Sidenote: I'm new to this makeup-on-the-internet stuff, so I just learned that "my lips but better," or mlbb, is a thing / a #hashtag.)
    Pixi by Petra – Rose Naturelle Swatch // Crappy Candle  Rose Naturelle over Nude Liner + Rose Naturelle over Stainiac Swatch // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Pixi Rose Naturelle Swatch // 2nd pic: (top) Rose Naturelle with nude liner (ModelCo) -- (bottom) Rose Naturelle with red stain (Stainiac)
  5. NYX – Perfect Red (Matte Lipstick)

    Mood:  Clever girl
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    What's Up:  Perfect Red is exactly what you'd think it is – a straight-up red without any discernible undertones in it. The pigment is v nice and the consistency is great, especially considering how cheap it is. (Sidenote: I tested Perfect Red over 3 different lip liners: a universal/clear liner (this one), a red liner (this one), and a nude liner (this one). All three helped the lipstick last through a meal (no real difference in wear), and the color was very similar. The nude liner muted the color ever so slightly, while the red and universal liners looked virtually identical.)
    NYX Perfect Red Swatch // Crappy Candle  Perfect Red over universal liner, red liner, and nude liner // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: NYX Perfect Red Swatch // 2nd pic: NYX w/ universal liner (Milani), red liner (Mally), and nude liner (ModelCo)
  6. L'Oreal – Toujours Teaberry (Infallible Pro-Last Color Lipstick)

    Mood:  This lipstick is toujours sucking the teaberries out of me.
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    What's Up:  When I first applied Toujours Teaberry, I thought to myself, Hey, this stuff ain't so bad! It seemed like it would stay on for a long time, and the color seemed friendly enough. Well, my lips already felt dry after about 30 minutes (I applied the built-in balm I swear), and the color looked less friendly, more granny, under different lighting conditions. (Sidenote: My MIL is a long-time devote of long-wear lipsticks, but I don't think they're for me. I realize that products like this are just the original version of matte lip creams, so if you like those, you'll probably like these. Extra Sidenote: If you're gonna re-apply this stuff, you should probably wipe off the original layer first, otherwise you'll end up with flake-chunks. I had to use makeup remover to get it off, FYI.)
    Revlon Toujours Teaberry Swatch // Crappy Candle  Revlon Toujours Teaberry Wear Swatch // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Revlon Toujours Teaberry Swatch // 2nd pic: chunky monkey
  7. Nars – Scarlet Empress (Semi Matte Lipstick)

    Mood:  I had to keep my lipstick in a cooler to prevent it from melting, and it made me feel like an upitty B.
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    What's Up:  Scarlet Empress is described as a "blue-red" but yeah no, not really. There's blue in it, sure, but there's so much blue that it makes it more berry than red. The consistency is very similar to Fire Down Below – it requires a few coats to get it on even, and it's semi-matte so the exfoliation/moisturizing step is important. (Sidenote: Scarlet Empress looks straight-up pink when layered with balm.)
    Nars Scarlet Empress Swatch // Crappy Candle  Nars Scarlet Empress over Balm Swatch // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Nars Scarlet Empress Swatch // 2nd pic: Scarlet Empress applied over balm
  8. Mac – Persistence (Matte)

    Mood:  Lake sunglasses are the best part of lake.
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    What's Up:  I didn't think I'd like a neutral lipstick as much as I'd like this one. It's a bit darker than neutral, has subtle orange undertones, and – like all Mac lipsticks – has that kindof vanilla scent to it. (Sidenote: Persistence is matte, same as Chili, but it seems to be a bit drier. It pairs well with a little bit of balm or more moisturizing color on top.)
    Mac Persistence Swatch // Crappy Candle  Taurus, Persistence, Rose Naturelle, Rum Raisin, Wrath Swatches (lower half have Wrath over them) -- Wrath applied over Persistence
    1st pic: Mac Persistence Swatch // 2nd pic: (top pic) Taurus, Persistence, Rose Naturelle, Rum Raisin, Wrath (the lower half of the swatches have Wrath over them) -- (bottom pic) Wrath applied over Persistence
  9. Nars – Cruella (velvet matte lip pencil)

    Mood:  If I was an animal I'd be a koala: either wanting to cuddle, or claw some eyes out. Not sure which.
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    What's Up:  Yup Yup, Cruella is my favorite red. I mean, I love all my reds really, but Cruella is the best. It is matte without being drying and has amazing staying power. It looks lovely with a defined lip line, smudged around the edges, or applied with balm. If you can get it in a set with other Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, do it. They're fantastic products and totally worth the $$. (Sidenote: My Cruella pencil is about 2 years old and the pigment/consistency is still as good as the day I bought it. I put it in the fridge for an hour or so before sharpening to mitigate product loss.)
    Nars Matte Lip Pencil Cruella Swatch // Crappy Candle  Cruella (defined lip line), Cruella (lip line smudged with a q-tip), Cruella (over balm) // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: Nars Cruella Swatch // 2nd pic: Cruella (defined lip line), Cruella (lip line smudged with a q-tip), Cruella (over balm)
  10. NYX – Up the Bass (Matte Lipstick)

    Mood:  Freshly morbid.
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    What's Up:  Up the Bass is a muted purple with grey undertones (woop!). It's almost too cool for me, and I mean that in the color tone way as well as the can-I-pull-this-off way. It goes on a little patchy – multiple coats are necessary for even color. (Sidenote: Some of my lip color showed through when I applied it the first time. Nude liner helps some (I used this).)
    NYX Up the Bass Swatch (medium toned olive skin) // Crappy Candle  NYX Up the Bass Swatch (w/nude liner) // Crappy Candle
    1st pic: NYX Up the Bass Swatch // 2nd pic: Up the Bass applied over nude liner (ModelCo)
  11. OCC – Authentic (Lip Tar)

    Mood:  And so I bid you... Good Day.
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    What's Up:  My first Lip Tar didn't go so well, but Authentic was a much better color for me. I suspect the tube was old since the scent was stale and not really minty anymore. (I got it on sale for $5.) Still, the consistency seemed just fine. (Sidenote: Authentic went on much more muted than I expected, so I tested it over a few compatible matte lipsticks to punch up the color. Extra Sidenote: If you can't find "Authentic," "Artifact" is similar.)
    OCC Lip Tar "Authentic" Swatch // Crappy Candle  Cruella, Fire Down Below, Chili, Persistence, Authentic Swatches (lower half have Authentic over them) -- Authentic applied over Chili
    1st pic: OCC Lip Tar Authentic Swatch // 2nd pic: (top pic) Cruella, Fire Down Below, Chili, Persistence, Authentic (the lower half of the swatches have Authentic over them) -- (bottom pic) Authentic applied over Chili


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