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1990s Music Videos | Crappy Candle

Remember when MTV actually played music videos? My mom never wanted us to watch because she said it was "a waste of time," but I was undeterred. Below, I've collected my favorite time wasters from the 1990s. Why the 90's? Anyone who knows me knows that I consistently enjoy two types of music: 80's new wave/pop and 1990s alternarock. I was too young to appreciate 80's videos at the time, but as a tween/teen in the 90's, my impressionable brain readily sucked the stuff up. The following videos changed my concept of cool:  

1)  1992 "Runaway Train" Soul Asylum: One of my earliest 90's music video memories. I remember it was the sadest thing I'd ever seen.

2) 1995 "The World I Know" Collective Soul: Ants! People! They're like ants! People=Ants!

3) 1996 "Lovefool" The Cardigans: A song from a soundtrack that I listened to daily. Every young girl in my generation was obsessed with Romeo+Juliet. Notice I put the plus sign in the title, for authenticity. 

4) 1998 "The Way" Fastball: Colors were more vivid in the 90's.

5) 1994 "Lightning Crashes" Live:

6) 1992 "What's Up" 4 Non Blondes: Oh the goggle hat. It's the goggle hat more than anything else.

7) 1991 "Losing my Religion" REM: Classic for sure.

8) 1994 "Violet" Hole: About as hardcore as I got.

9) 1996 "Popular" Nada Surf: This video made me afraid to start high school.

10) 1995 "1979" Smashing Pumpkins: The coolest effing video ever made. Ever. Made. Ever. Also, I got the kid in this video mixed up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt for years. (FYI, the actor's name is Giuseppe Andrews. He was also in the Pumpkin's video for "Perfect," and a little blockbuster called Independence Day pshh).

BONUS: 1993 "Soul to Squeeze" Red Hot Chili Peppers: I don't actually remember this video from my youth, but I think it was a cool one that didn't get over played. Plus, just about every Red Hot Chili Peppers video that I do remember from this era left a lasting impression on me. Like how "Give it Away" introduced me to crotches.

Image Credit (top image): By MTV [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Is Bobby McFarrin - Don't worry be happy is too old for being put in this list ?


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