10 Totally Obvious Observations About LA

10 Totally Obvious Observations About LA | imshayshay.blogspot.com

  1. The traffic really is that bad. Sometimes traffic can triple your commute time, and that's not when it's raining.
  2. The Mexican food really is that good. Actual overheard hot tip "Yeah, that place is pretty good, but the best burritos are at the car wash taqueria." Car. Wash.
  3. Everyone really does have their fingers in the entertainment industry. I've never been surrounded by so many creative folks. Everyone that I have met (both through acting related stuff and not) is involved in this industry. It's an awesome environment to be in.
  4. Nobody works a regular job. Every time I used to drive around SF during a work day, I wondered how it was that so many people didn't work during the day. That population has exploded here and it's not so strange to me anymore. I have become a replicant.
  5. Nobody wants to rent to someone without a regular job. This is my own personal gripe. I swear I'm a responsible person landlords!
  6. There are potholes everywhere. Come on LA, clean up your pockmarked face. You're ruining my suspension.
  7. Everyone is in a hurry. How else do you explain the honking and, my own pet peeve, the death of the turning signal. Since when did we become rushed and lazy? Ack! So selfish!
  8. The city is not overrun with too tanned, blonde, large breasted women. It's a common misconception. It's overrun with hipsters. They're everywhere and they're breeding.
  9. People are a lot nicer than you'd think. I've met a lot of new people recently, and I'd wager that I enjoyed the company of 90% of them. What about the other 10%? They're some of the biggest pricks I've ever met. Eh, maybe it balances out.
  10. Celebrities, they're just like US! At least that's what I've gathered from observing them in their natural habitat. I haven't been able to look any of them in the eye yet, but I'm working on it.
Image Credit: Ron Reiring (kla4067 on Flickr) CC 2.0

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