Requiem for a Turkey Sandwich

I love Trader Joe's pre-made foods and snacks. Their frozen foods can't be beat and while the chicken is sometimes hit and miss, I swear the sweet and sour chicken tastes just like McDonald's chicken nuggets. Don't even get me started on the nut mixes, chips and chocolate covered everything.

Most of my former roomates would remember that my all-time favorite TJoe's item is the smoked turkey sandwich with the mayo spread. Well, about 2 months ago, I went to Trader Joe's and it was gone. I thought they might have been out of stock, but everytime I visited it wasn't there. So I wrote the nice people at TJoe's a letter:
This sandwich has abeen my favorite product at Trader Joe's since I was a little girl. I remember going grocery shopping with my mom and she'd buy one for me and I'd eat it in the car. I remember when the may came with a little spoon. I remember all the different evolutions of bread. I remember when the sandwich didn't come with greens, but instead with a few little tomatoes. I've been eating this sandwich on a regular basis for the past 15 years. In my last 3 visits, my Trader Joe's has not stocked this sandwich. Is this a fluke or are you guys really not making it anymore? I'd be heartbroken if it isn't coming back. I think eating this sandwich as a child is what made me love turkey sandwiches. The basil mayo stuff is so good, I could eat it alone with a spoon and be satisfied. I'm well aware of the fat and calorie content, I just don't care. So if it really isn't coming back, I'm very disappointed in you, Trader Joe's. Please provide me with the recipe for the basil mayo so I can attempt to recreate this part of my childhood. And if it is just taking a brief hiatus, boy do I feel like a hysterical idiot. Many apologies.
Trader Joe's wrote me back a week later:
Thank you for your recent inquiry. At this time we have discontinued this Trader Joe's product due to slow sales in all of our stores. We are indeed very sorry to hear that we have discontinued this favorite product of yours. However, we also wanted to share with you that we have seen discontinued products make their way back onto our shelves due to high demand from our loyal customers, like you. So, we will certainly share your comments and request to bring back this product with our Buying Department, and this will be taken into future consideration.
I realize this post may not be interesting to most of you, but I felt I had to eulogize my favorite sandwich. I hope that maybe, maybe this will inspire others to write Trader Joe's and demand the return of their own favorites. Or maybe, just demand the return of mine. sniff.

Trader Joes Turkey Sandwich - RIP 
R.I.P old friend

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  1. I wrote Trader Joe's about 2 years ago about their Vegetable Pot Stickers. They were absolutely the best and every time I would go I would find the chicken or the pork but no vegetable. Trader Joe's wrote back saying they were improving the Vegetable Pot Stickers, but how can you improve what is already perfect? What they ended up doing was replacing the Vegetable Pot Stickers with Thai Spring Pot Stickers, and they suck. I mean they're okay, but their no vegetable pot sticker.


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