After a Year Long Hiatus...

I'm back! Before I attempt to rationalize abandoning my blog for almost a year, I want to explain why I came back. Actually, more appropriately, why I was forced to come back. It's best told as such:
  1. About 3 months ago, I moved out of my apartment in SF into my parent's house in Orange County. Glamorous, I know.
  2. I didn't have a job, and being in Southern California and loving cliches, I decided to pursue a career in acting. (Actually, I secretly wanted this all along. 'Twas no accident. I'll get back to this some other time.)
  3. What do you do in Hollywood? You network. I'm not good at this, so, naturally, I ordered a bunch of fancy business cards with my website on it. We'll see how long it takes me to get rid of them.
  4. Oh yeah, I bought a website domain. www.ShayLorseyedi.com
  5. Greg told me that I should put my blog on it, cause it shows I have a personality or something. 
  6. I went cross eyed trying to tweak a Tumblr website theme to fit an actor website template. Ugh. (FYI, Tumblr is also a blog site. Actor websites are not supposed to be blogs. woops)
  7. I created a link to my blog from my website.
  8. Oh crap. I haven't posted a blog post in a YEAR. That makes me look like a lazy and amateuristic deserter. When all the CDs that are scrambling to hire me see this, they surely will throw my business card in the trash. (ps: a CD is a Casting Director... duh)
So here I am again. I hope all two of my readers (Hi Greg! Hi Mom!) didn't miss this too much. Now, to rationalize having abandoned my new hobby for a year. About the time the bloggin' stopped, I got a new job at the UCSF Cancer Center in the Breast Care Center. While my job no longer killed my soul, it did keep my brain thoroughly occupied. I worked with some awesome people and I helped some awesome people and a learned a lot and I was really busy, guys. ahem. Then I got a puppy (her name is Penny and she is ADOR-ABS) and puppies are like babies except you can leave them in the backyard and they sometimes EAT THEIR OWN POOP... And that's it!

And now that I looked at the blog for the first time in a year, I realized I need to update two posts:
  1. UPDATE!!  Poop house was finally painted white right around when I moved out of SF. I know you all were concerned about this.
  2. UPDATE!!! About the time I moved to the OC, Trader Joe's brought back my favorite turkey sandwich. I ate it so often that I had to take a Trader Joe's Turkey Sandwich break.
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