Hi guys. This will be painless, I promise.

Affiliate Disclosure

I sometimes use affiliate links on here. Affiliate links simply give credit to whoever refers you to that site. This means that if you buy something after being referred from a Crappy Candle affiliate link, I get a small commission off that sale. The commission comes from the seller, not the buyer, so the cost for you would be exactly the same than if you had found the item on your own.

How do I decide to add affiliate links? First, I write a post, whether it be a product review, a skincare guide, book review or whatever, I write what I want to write and what moves me. Next, I will add links to items that I think my readers would want to know more about. If there is something in there that I would personally purchase (or have already purchased) off a site with an affiliate program (like Amazon), I'll make it an affiliate link. This means that some product links are affiliate links, while other product links are just plain-ole normal links; I don't limit myself to purchasing things on sites with affiliate programs, and I'm sure you don't either.

None of this will ever, in any way, alter the honesty or intent of what I write. Scout's honor. If I love the product, I'll tell you, if it gave me ass zits, I'll tell you that too.

I went for many years without using affiliate links here, but running this site takes a lot of time and effort. It's a labor of love, but I sometimes spend weeks putting together one post. If I do get a little commission from something you buy, I'll consider it a little thank you for my work. I thank you for it too!

PR Samples

I am very picky about the samples I accept to review. If and when I write a review on a gratis product, I will indicate that it was a gratis product at the top of the post. All opinions are my own.


I am not a doctor or healthcare practitioner of any kind. Nothing I say should be taken as medical advice. I promote products based on my personal experiences with that product. I only endorse products and/or brands that I believe in. Any claims or information on this blog should be verified with the product manufacturer or a healthcare provider.

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