I Need a New Version of Me (BLOGSPOT REDESIGN Y'ALL)

Hey kiddies. Things might look a bit different around here. That's because about a week ago, I redesigned this blog. I made a new, giant logo and bought a super posh blogspot theme, and reorganized to make it easy to navigate. Just because I like to keep it extra crappy doesn't mean I can't make it extra bea-utiful too.

I didn't know blogspot themes were a thing; I thought I would have to switch to Wordpress and start paying hosting fees if I wanted to have something more customized. This was a happy medium -- keep blogspot, but buff it to a high gloss.

I Need a New Version of Me (BLOGSPOT REDESIGN Y'ALL) :: Crappy Candle

For the Researchers: 
I got the template from Pigdig, which I found via our blessed mother Hirons. Pipdig also offers a Blogger-to-Wordpress migration service -- something I did not know was a thing either.

For the Gatekeepers: 
This is almost definitely the blogger version of CH's theme. I'm Single White Femaling her and I don't care.

For the Hunter-gatherers:
I installed the theme (Holly & Weave) myself with very few hiccups. I had to re-do my top nav links and re-add analytics/adsense, but almost everything else transferred over or was easy to fix up. Oh, and if you go with a Pipdig theme, know that any image that has a caption will stretch to the full width of the blog. It allows for terrifying things like this to happen:

For the Archivists:
This is what this blog looked like before:
And before that:
And before that:

For the Anarchists:

For the Easter-Eggists:
(the title of this post is from Felicity)


I Got a Fancy New Blogspot Theme and it was WORTH IT :: Crappy Candle



  1. Glad to hear you're happy with your new theme, Shay!

    Sorry for the Google Analytics blackout! If you install Google Analytics via https://support.pipdig.co/articles/blogger-how-to-setup-google-analytics/ then you won't need to re-install it each time you change themes. It's carried over automatically. If you decide to do that, make sure you remove the other tracking code first, otherwise it will be duplicated.

    Regarding the full width caption images, feel free to contact me via https://www.pipdig.co/help and I'll be more than happy to disable that for you (or send you some steps you can take to disable it yourself if you prefer).


  2. Glad you like your new theme.
    To me the previous ones had more of a personal, arty vibe to them. This one looks professional and classical. Idk tho it's always nice to have a change


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