Aztec Healing Clay Mask Review - The Acne Experiment

Aztec Healing Clay Mask Review :: The Acne Experiment

I started phase 2 of the Acne Experiment with an old standby: Aztec Healing Clay. Ahem, I mean Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I assume the "secret" part is that it's essentially dirt, and the joke's on you for being clueless all these years because this shit is super cheap. Up yours, virtually every other clay mask on the market.

I've used Aztec Healing Clay before, but this time around I opted for a slightly different (ie milder) method to avoid excessive face dryness and irritation.

  • Bentonite Clay - Aztec Healing Clay is 100% Bentonite
  • Raw, Unfiltered, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar aka "ACV" (TJoes)
  • Water

  1. Rinse face with water, pat dry.
  2. Mix 1 Tbsp clay + ~3/4 Tbsp ACV + ~1/4 Tbsp water in a glass or plastic bowl.
  3. Apply to face.
  4. Wait for magic to happen.

Aztec Healing Clay Mask Applied :: The Acne Experiment

Letting the Clay Mask Dry :: The Acne Experiment

Clay Mask Dried Up :: The Acne Experiment

Clay Mask Sucking Out My Life Energy :: The Acne Experiment

Clay Mask Depositing New Life Energy :: The Acne Experiment

aw yes

itsa hard knock life for us

hardly ask the wife for much

steada missus we get this

whata little swiddly tit

itsa a hard knock life

Loads of FUN. I got to put mud pies on my face and it was divine. My acne is gone. My scars are gone. My hyper-pigmentation is gone. My skin is gone. Peeled right off like 10 day old nail polish.

Aztec Healing Clay Mask Before and After :: The Acne Experiment
Week 0 = before The Acne Experiment ; Week 4 = after the "No Face Wash" month ; Week 5 = After 1 week of Clay Masks

Sorry to disappoint. This was a one week experiment. Nothing gets rid of skin problems that fast unless you lose your sight in a one week long degenerative eye disease. I did see note some improvements on my chin and forehead though. It was subtle, and probably something only I would notice.

Aztec Healing Clay Mask Before and After :: The Acne Experiment
It made my lips softer and more pigmented too!
I'm such a dick. It's lip balm.

In the past, I have mixed this mask with only ACV and left it on for 45 minutes. This left my skin a little dry, so I opted for a shorter application time (20 minutes) and diluted formula (~ 1:4 ratio of water to ACV). I did not feel dried out after using it this way. I also discovered that a warm washcloth is very helpful for getting the mask off. I'm not sure why it took me 30 years to discover washcloths. They are my favorite beauty product of 2014.

I'm still not using any face wash (the "Ingredients" above are the only thing that touched my face this week besides my clammy hands and sweaty bangs). While I don't feel like I need to wash my face while using the mask, I will need something when I start wearing makeup again, and it pains my lazy sensibilities to put a mask on every night. As fun as it is to avoid facial expressions* and speak through my teeth for 20 minutes, I don't particularly want to deal with it while traveling either. I'm trying a straight up, portable soap next. Wish me luck.

Next Up:
Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap


*The facial expressions I used in the photos above were incredibly painful, and I think I burst a blood vessel in my eye. Do not do this unless you are a professional.

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Aztec Healing Clay Mask for Acne :: Crappy Candle

All Images © Crappy Candle / The Acne Experiment



  1. You're too funny....When are you trying the "African Black Soap"? I use it and really see no difference, but it makes your face feel squeeky clean....

  2. I had a bad reaction to Dr. Bronner's soap which shares a lot of the same ingredients with African Black Soap, so I'm not going to try it any time soon. Maybe down the road when I'm feeling braver!

  3. Ur acne might not be acne and just be skin allergies! I thought mine was until i took a zyrtec and my "acne" spots stopped. Try it:) wont hurt.

  4. Seriously enjoying your posts. I've just ordered bentonite clay online and I'm hoping that it helps with the acne. Have you tried grapeseed oil? I didn't see it in your experiments lists. I'm going to try it out too.

    1. Why thank you! I haven't tried grapeseed yet. Hemp will probably be the next oil I try. Good luck!

    2. Ooh I can't wait to see the results from hemp. I finally found a good supplier online. Hard to come by in these parts of the world 😁 Im from the Philippines. 😘

  5. Are you supposed to use this product everyday or what?

    1. Theoretically, I think you COULD use it daily as a kind of cleanser, but I only did this for the trial. Now-a-days, I might use it once a week.

  6. Hey!
    I started using this mask 4 days back. The first two days were a breeze and I felt like my acne was going to disappear forever but after the third application of the mask, the horrendous new spots were back again. How do I deal with this? Should I try the thinner mask that you're recommending instead of just acv and the mask? I use 1 tablespoon clay and 1.5 tablespoons of acv with no water currently.

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