Summer Book Club

"Reading takes time, and the glass teat takes too much of it." -- Stephen King

I've always wanted to be a bookish girl. When asked what I wanted to do on Friday night in magazine quizzes, I always wanted to choose the "curl up with a good book" option. I've always wanted to say that a book was so good that I devoured it in one sitting.

Instead, I curled up on the couch with my good TV. Disgusting, isn't it? In school, reading was not something I looked forward to; I only started dabbling in recreational reading in college in a meager attempt to become a mysterious, clever, and cultured person. Somehow, I never became Rory Gilmore. While I've gotten better with reading in recent years, I'm still gently nibbling on books rather than devouring them.

Well, That just won't do. If I want to be a proper writer, I'm going to need to read more.

Recently, my husband encouraged me to take on a summer reading challenge. We went down to our public library, got library cards, and I compiled a list of authors that I want to explore. I will review each book I read and put a link to it right here.

This is my summer book club.

Summer Book Club | Crappy Candle

Anya's Ghost
The Girl Who Played With Fire

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