"Break the Rules ONLY if It Works"

You know how teachers (specifically those in the arts) will say, "Hey, here are some rules. You can break 'em, but only if it works." Well no shit, teacher. Basically, you've told me that I just need to be good. Follow the rules and be good, or break the rules and be good. Just be good. Just be good, dumbass.

Me: "Hmm... I have an idea, but it's against the rules. Do I break them?"
Teacher: "Is it a good idea? If it's not a good idea, don't break the rules."
Me: "I think it's a good idea."
Teacher: "Don't think. Just be good."
Me: "I'm not following."
Teacher: "Here is a chart."

Me: "But what if this happens"

Teacher: "Now I'm not following."
Teacher: "Just be good." 

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