On Red Jelly Nails and Cinnamon Hearts

During my weekly pilgrimage to Target, I perused the seasonal candy offerings, and stumbled upon a back wall of under-loved candy, for lovers. Upon first glance these candies, labeled by a clever Target marketer as "non-chocolate dish candy," are perhaps less fashionable than their individually packaged, big brand counterparts. As every hat has its head and every finger has its hole, I myself found a treasured favorite amongst this humble cornucopia of pink and red confections.

Red Jelly Nails | imshayshay.blogspot.com

Jelly candy is not to be confused with gummy candy, which is indeed nothing more than a "near-food" polymer. These gems of delight manifest as fruit slices, gum drops, spice drops, and cinnamon bears, all of which make their parentage known by allowing the shape of your teeth to be carved into each bite. (Such an accommodating sweet!) Cinnamon hearts, the lesser known sibling to the much beloved cinnamon bear, are a manifest yet untapped choice during this cherished holiday.

As such, it was appropriate to apply a jelly manicure to accommodate these toothsome ruby gems. My choice for my nails is a seasonal polished, also humble and forgotten: JOLLY LOLLY by a humble and forgotten L'Oreal. With so much modesty and so little spectacle, it is easy to forget that our dealings are in glazed red hot fire!

Loreal Miss Candy Jolly Lolly | imshayshay.blogspot.com

I giggle to myself, as I have surely eaten an entire bag of these perilous hearts in 2 days time! And I surely have a minor case of cinnamon burn! Tis akin to rug burn of the tongue! And I still cannot stop myself from opening and consuming a second bag! Oh the foolishness of it all!

Red Jelly Nail Swatch | imshayshay.blogspot.com

JOLLY LOLLY, which I write in caps out of respect for its perfect rhyme, is easiest to pronounce with a mouth full of water, or better, a mouth full of mostly chewed cinnamon heart candy. Due to the translucence of it's constitution, JOLLY LOLLY is best applied in multiple coats; my tally reached 3, but 4 would have been quite winsome indeed. A clear top coat provides optimal gloss.

Jolly Lolly Review | imshayshay.blogspot.com

Given its watery dilution, JOLLY LOLLY like a glamorous lady reduced with too much good wine; a natural beauty with hints of a bolder former incarnation, and a predisposition to slop off the sides. It would seem apropos to give JOLLY LOLLY four golden Pennies. Twould be a higher rating had I not been betrothed to my Southern beau, Clambake.


This review is part of my "Painting the Blog Red" series. For a complete inventory of all things scarlet, go HERE.

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