Alternative Phrases for "Dirty 30"

Alternative Phrases for Dirty Thirty | Crappy Candle

I hate the term "Dirty 30." Everyone I grew up with is turning 30 right now which means I almost slipped up and used it twice within a one week period. It almost made feel like a turd, and no one makes me almost makes me feel like a turd except ME.

It's time to come up with a better phrase. Here are some suggestions:

Purty 30
Curtly 30
Burpy 30
No More Concertys 30

Herpes 30
Hear Ye! 30!
Hear Me! 30!
Hershey Squirty 30
Creditworthy 30
Absurdly 30
Uhhh My Ovaries 30
Kirby 30
qwerty 30
Nerdly 30
Pervertly 30
Sylvia Plath Died at 30

Derpy 30
Sternly 30
Sturdy 30
Alertly 30
Covertly 30
Overtly 30
I Could be Dead in 30
Slurpy 30
Inertly 30
Hurdy Gurdy 30
Bill Muthaf**kn Murray 30

Got a favorite? Got a better idea, smart guy? Leave a comment!


Image Credits: Top Photo (that's me) | Concert (author's own work - I took this at Coachella. I was really grumpy.)  | Retro Oven (hildgrim on Flickr CC)  | F Yeah Bill Murray (Paul Sherwood on Wikimedia Commons CC)


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