Policies FAQ

  1. Are you some kind of doctor or a wizard or something?
    I'm not a doctor (my parents are really upset about this, thanks for bringing it up). None of my articles are meant to be taken as medical advice; I'm simply sharing what I've learned in my own experiences. That makes me an over-sharing wizard.

  2. Can you test this specific product?
    I am really picky about what I put on my face because my face is really picky about what I put on it. Sharing a product name with me may put it on my radar, but I may or may not be able to test it. Sorry for the vague.

  3. I work for a company/website and we want you to test our product. Do you do sponsored product reviews?
    I have tested PR sample products, but those reviews are not sponsored. I do not accept compensation for reviews at this time. If I do take the time to write review, both me and my face will be brutally honest and I will include a disclaimer up top that states I received the product for freeee. If you haven't already, look at a few of my Acne Experiment posts to get an idea of what you could expect if I review your product (this is a review of a product my face loved, this is a review of a product my face rejected).

    If you are still interested in sending me a sample, please include with your inquiry a complete ingredient list and the pH level of the product (if available). I understand if you don't have the pH, but if you don't have a full ingredients list, please know that I am super afraid of your product.

    FYI, if your face product contains any of the following ingredients, there is a good chance I will pass:
    • soap, sulfates, or surfactants (basically anything that lathers)
    • comedogenic oils: olive oil, coconut oil, etc
    • salicylic acid
    • citrus oils or extracts (mostly if it's high on the ingredients list)
    • alcohol (alcohol based toners = meh; if it's lower on the ingredients list maaaybe)
    • Makeup is different though, so if the product in question is makeup, I might be willing to bend. If it's a lip or an eye product, I'm already folded up like a pretzel. Body products are also different, but don't expect any before/afters because that would be too much hotness for this site. (I'm talkin' bout my bacne, y'all. rawr)
  1. Can I use one of your articles on my blog/website?
    A short quote with a link is great (thanks for thinkin' of me!), but contact me about anything more than that. If you copy-paste big chunks without permission, please know that I am a Liam Neeson. I will find you and I will kill you.

  2. Can I use one of your photos on my site?
    Please contact me about image use. I like to know where my stuff is going before it's already there, mostly because I'm a nosey little B. Special Note: I'm very protective of the before/after photos and any pictures with my face on it. In general, I don't want these pictures being used elsewhere.

  3. I already used a photo of yours on my site and I came here to tell you about it. Now I'm scared. Are you going to kill me?
    Relax, I probably won't kill you, especially since you are being so nice, but especially if you used one of my photos to specifically direct someone to my blog with a link.


Questions/Comments/Haikus can be emailed to me at shay.marie.L (at) gmail (dot) com, asked of me via Tumblr, or mind pulsed within me via telepathy.

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